the countdown begins…

A week from today Becky, Nolan, and myself fly up to Londonderry, NH for a face to face interview at Orchard Christian Fellowship. They want to interview me for their vacant youth pastor position… yeah, me a youth pastor.

Considering the fact that I’ve said things in the past similar to “I’ll leave youth pastor jobs to those who feel like they have a specific calling to youth ministry,” it seems rather ironic that I’m doing what I’m doing. Perhaps part of it is pragmatism, in that I need to find a job in order to support my family. But I think most of it stems from the fact that I’ll pretty much recant from earlier statments.

Youth are simply little adults. While the specific issues may be different and the consequences of adult actions tend to be more dramatic, I think the core questions, hopes, and fears of both groups are the same. And so I enter the fray…

I pray that, not only will the church like us, but we will like the church. This could be a life-changing trip.

We’ll see what God has in store…


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